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    The Better Man Film

    In Pre-production (producer, writer, director, casting)

    Early 2024:

    Plans are underway to shoot a "spec" version of a 3 character short in Sarasota, FL. Utilizing hand-held single camera, skeleton crew, 1 main interior/exterior location, 1 secondary exterior night shoot, 1 secondary interior day shoot. The purpose of the "spec" is to experiment with style and mode before shooting the feature length version. (see video below for more)


    "The Better Man Film" is a screenplay adapted from Blake Walton's stage play. The film features five characters plus background characters in two scenes. Plans are underway to shoot the feature in Los Angeles under a Micro or Ulta-Low budget agreement.

    The Better Man stage play

    Thespis Theatre Festival, NYC
    The Chain Theater Festival, NYC
    Awards and Nominations:
    The Chain Festival
    Best Ensemble (win)
    Best Supporting Actress - Jessica Rae Taylor (win)
    Best Play - Blake Walton (nom.)
    Best Director - Blake Walton (nom.)
    Best Actor - Roger Wayne (nom.)